What is the Comité Parents?

The Comité Parents was formed by the Table de concertation jeunesse de Lachine (TCJL) in June 2011 after it was recognized that despite the efforts of individual organizations, it was difficult to reach parents. The mandate of the Comité Parents is to find unique ways to reach parents of children ages 0 to 17. In the winter of 2013, the Table de concertation petite enfance de Dorval-Lachine joined the Comité, helping enable the Comité to connect with toddlers and their families.

Today, the Comité Parents includes representatives from two circles—community organizations as well as institutions—all collaborating to address matters that directly impact parents and speak to their current concerns.

In the two years since it was established, the Comité Parents has been involved with over 20 meetings

Mission et objectifs



The mission of the Comité Parents is to reach out, raise awareness and equip parents of children ages 0 to 17, as well as to create lasting connections between parents and organizations in Lachine.


    • To take advantage of community events where parents of children ages 0 to 17 are present to raise awareness about various issues concerning the development of their children.
    • To provide information to parents by way of visual presentations, clips and documents on different topics – “childhood-family-adolescence”.
    • To provide participants with basic automated tools to set up informative, interactive kiosks aimed at parents.


Regular Members

The Comité Parents is made up of highly valued members. It unites several community and institutional players in Lachine, including the following:

Centre Multi-Ressources de Lachine (CMRL)
Darling Baptichon

Our Supporters

Our many supporters include the following:

Spoiler title
A project coordinator from the Table de concertation petite enfance de Dorval-Lachine
A development officer from the Table de Concertation Jeunesse Lachine


Financial Support

This initiative is made possible thanks to the financial support of:


logo_asssmtlMilieu de vie favorable à la jeunesse – Direction de la santé publique de Montréal

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